About Duchelina Dove

I, Duchelina Dove, was born on January 26, 1982, in Burgas Province in southeastern Bulgaria. 

I graduated fine arts in 2004 and fashion design in 2008.

I am admirer of the unity, the solidarity and good relationships among all Earth inhabitants.

I am adherent of vegan lifestyle and I am sorry that humans treat animals like commodities.

I hope someday humans and animals to live under equal conditions of life. 

I love to live in atmosphere of spontaneity, the free choice and harmony.

I am creative artist at heart and vocation; an eccentric rebel with crazy imagination.

I am hearty, boisterous, energetic, cheerful and sincere.

I am like a tender newcomer from another world, whose ideas are source for all hopes for the Earthly beings.

The world of the discovery, inventions and the audacity is my world.

I am here for my pleasure and because of YOU!